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This practice is very personal to me and I want my clients to know just how beautiful and precious they are.

- Zlata Von Emme

Zlata Von Emme
Zlata Vom Emme Graduation
Zlata Vom Emme Graduation
Zlata Vom Emme Graduation
Zlata Vom Emme Graduation

Zlata Von Emme is the proprietor of Love Your Body NYC and a native of Kazakhstan trained as a permanent make-up artist. She attended art school in Kazakhstan, where she learned to draw the human face and appreciate a woman’s facial beauty and structure. She also attended renowned schools in Europe and the United States where she received extensive training in Microblading-Microstroking and 3-Dimenstional Tattooing

Zlata works one-on-one with her clients to provide the correct aesthetic necessary to build confidence and self-esteem.  She sees the natural beauty in all of her clients and uses her skill and artistry to enhance how a woman sees her face and her body.  No longer will a woman have to be afraid to look closely in the mirror, for confidence exudes beauty.

We are committed to provide highest quality service in private and relaxing atmosphere

What Customers Say

Had a great experience here.
Zlata was so incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She took the time to thoroughly explain every little detail of the procedure. I felt very comfortable in her studio. She is a perfectionist which is exactly what you want when going in for something like this. The studio was very clean and her sterile technique was on point. Love my new eyebrows. Very happy to have chosen this place.

Melissa B

This gal really cares about her clients ( but clients need to follow her advise though). Because she loves and enjoys her work, it shows on the before ( talking and informing clients in details!) and after results (making sure you follow the aftercare steps). And because I found out during the procedure that she used to draw, her work becomes an art. Thanks Zlata. Keep doing the work that you do. There's not a lot of people in your field that is genuine and caring.

Maria F

I just got my eyebrows done by Zlata and am so in love with my results and with her! She is a perfectionist and took her time with me. She was so patient, talking me through everything she was doing. It's a long process, but she does her best to make you comfortable. I've gotten so many compliments on my brows, the shape is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am not only happy I went to her because of my results but also because of how she made the overall experience. She is such a sweet woman, and great at what she does.

Christina S

I did my microblading treatment with Zlata & to say that she was ABSOLUTELY kind & patient would be an understatement. To start, I am someone who suffers from Alopecia & have no eyebrows for her to start with - a complete blank canvas. She was able to create shape & definition for me. I was AMAZED at her talent & not to mention attention to detail. Not only did she give me eyebrows.... she gave me a semblance of normalcy that I lost since suffering from Alopecia. I no longer have to waste time trying to create eyebrows with pencil & powder again!!! Thank you SO much Zlata!

Jennifer D

Let me start off by saying I'm extremely picky and I also work on 5th Ave so I can have my pick of master but none compare to Zlata. It took me 6 months to find Zlata and I'm glad that I did. My brows were thin and sparse, one higher, one lower and thicker it was a constant struggle just to fill them in but guess what no more of that. Zlata went above and beyond matching my brows to my facial features with natural strokes. She answered all my questions even at 5:30 am!! She's super immaculate, professional, kind, patient. She truly cares about her work and her clients satisfaction. Even with all my ridiculous questions she did not once loose her patients with me. Thank You Zlata you are truly amazing!

Irana R

It took me 6 months to find Zlata and I'm glad that I did. My brows were thin and sparse, one higher, one lower and thicker. IT was a constant struggle just to fill them in, but guess what - no more of that.

Natalia M

I had the most amazing and best facial with Elina today. Before the treatment i got free skin diagnostic with the digital skin analytics machine. It shows all characteristic of my skin. Based on it she recommended to have Microscruber facial, organic yeast mask and paraffin treatment. Elina made the experience so relaxing and educated me in many things about how to take care of my skin. She explained every step of what she is doing as well as the products she used. The staff are super kind and helpful. My skin is literally glowing and so soft. I love it !!! Thank you so much ! Highly recommended to try it all !

Yana P