Classes at Love Your Body NY

Permanent Makeup

If you are a professional or beginner we will walk you through all the important details of Permanent Makeup .

– Tattoo License
– Insurance for your business
– Advertising
– How to protect yourself legally
– Depth of strokes
– Pigments
– Color wheel
– Shape
– Measuring tool
– Perfect 3D hair strokes
– Matching color by skin tone
– Disinfection of work station
– Who can get Permanant makeup and who is not eligible and why.
– Skin type
– Skin tone
– Scars / acne skin
– Hepatitis B and C
– How to treat an HIV Client (low protection)
– Consultation for your clients
– Aftercare
– Touchup
– Follow up with your clients

Next Available Dates

April 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2019

May 20th, 21st and 22nd 2019

Next Available Dates

September 1st and 2nd 2019

October 1st and 2nd 2019

Spa Management Class

How do design your dream SPA / SALON to make it unique and different

– Marketing without overspending.
– Legal advice (from selecting a lawyer to purchasing the correct insurance to hiring the right accountant)
– What corporate structure is best? It it an LLC, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an S corp. and what is the difference and how it affects you.
– How to attract new clients to your space.
– Floor plans (Smart ideas without wasting floor space).
– Total start up budgeting and planning for your first year of operating expenses.
– Construction cost (How to save money on Construction and the same time make your place unique and different then others).
– Design and finish schemes.
– Furniture (What you really need to start and where to buy to save money).
-Professional Equipment (How to make intelligent purchases, using the web, quality considerations and smart investing).
-How to register your new business, where to start and where to go?!
-How to build a strong team.
-How to motivate staff.
-How to operate legally to avoid unnecessary fines considering all agencies.