Project Description

Powerful Lifting Effect

  • RF Venus Legacy skin tightening, reduce wrinkles, makes skin tighter, perfectly removes second chin
  • Microcurrent face lift and muscle stimulation massage
  • Head massage
  • Hands massage
  • Relaxation Face massage
  • Lift massage

Tibetan Lifting Massage

Tibetan facial massage has a tremendously powerful lifting effect. It is almost surgery without a knife. Sculptural massage is an excellent tool for not only treating fading facial skin, but is effective in the treatment of early wrinkles. Preventative sculptural massage is fashionable to do from the age of 25. The massage expert is a skillful sculptor, they sculpt the client’s face, setting the face to the ideal lines and contour. Thanks to such an influence, the original lines and contour of the face is restored, the ideal young oval and the outline of the face return. YOU CAN SEE THE PHOTO UNDER BROADCAST, this is after only 1 procedure. Safe and painless and most importantly effective. We offer you Tibetan massage from 6-8 treatments.

Service 1 Session Package of 4 Total for 4 Sessions
Hand Made Organic Mask Treatment $40
Facial Milk Peel $120 $160 $640
Rose De Mer $240 $180 $720
Tibetan Face Lift Massage $120 $80 $480