Project Description

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STEM FACIAL is the latest technique in improving the appearance of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Scars (Acne, Surgical, Burn), Stretch Marks, Pore Size, Skin Tone and Texture. This procedure stimulates natural collagen reproduction.

Our advanced treatment promotes scar–less healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatment but without the side effects and downtime. It’s also more effective then microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The Microcurrent treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, facial muscles and reduces skin toxins, while producing collagen to help increase skin elasticity. The effect will help reduce wrinkles and refine double chin, while helping to contour the face and neck for a more youthful look.

  • Microscrubber

  • Facial Oxygen Treatment
  • Light Skin Therapy
  • Facial with Organic Mask
  • Tibetan Lifting Massage

The Facial oxygen treatment involves the use of a machine that sprays atomized moisturizers onto the skin using a stream of pressurized oxygen. The treatment brings immediate hydration to the skin resulting in smoother, plumper skin. During the facial, a pressurized stream of oxygen that delivers active ingredients to the skin is applied.

Service 1 Session Package of 4 Total for 4 Sessions
Digital Skin Analytics $50
Light Therapy Treatment $80
Treatment Christina Oxygen + Vitamin C $110
Treatment Christina Forever Young $120
Hand Made Organic Mask Treatment $40
Facial Oxygen Treatment $80
Microscrubber $120
Facial Milk Peel $120 $160 $640
Rose De Mer $240 $180 $720
Tibetan Face Lift Massage $120 $80 $480