Project Description

Digital Skin Analysis

Digital skin analytics provides detailed information about the condition and changing characteristics of each individual’s skin and are Included in all facial treatments, This service will guide us as we track the changing character of your skin. We can determine skin type and basic prevailing skin conditions and measure the four primary parameters of the skin to determine skin health and risk factors for pigmentation, wrinkling skin and acne condition.

  • Base on result after skin analysis
  • We abble to see inside and outside skin problems
  • We customize facials
  • We choose cosmetics for your skin type while we provide facial
  • We sagest what you should reduce from your life habits

  • We digitally save results for future appointments

We offer many facial treatments that will enhance the health and look of your skin. A customized program will be recommended for your skin type and needs. Through the use of Advanced Spectral Skin Imaging, our Digital Skin Analytics will help guide us to your specific needs.

Service Price
Digital Skin Analytics $50