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Permanent Makeup Class July

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Have you dreamed of becoming a Microblading Artist? At Love your Body NY, you can learn and practice 3D Hair strokes (Permanent Makeup).

July 9th, 10th and 11th 2018

Microblading class with Zlata Von Emme

– Tattoo License
– Insurance for your business
– Advertising
– How to protect yourself legally
– Depth of strokes
– Pigments
– Color wheel
– Shape
– Measuring tool
– Perfect 3D hair strokes
– Matching color by skin tone

Disinfection of work station
– Who can get Permanent makeup and who is not eligible and why.
– Skin type
– Skin tone
– Scars / acne skin
– Hepatitis B and C
– How to treat an HIV Client (low protection)
– Consultation for your clients
– Aftercare
– Touchup
– Follow up with your clients